Fakenham Foxes v Southwold

In freezing cold conditions the Foxes played Southwold in their last home game of the Season. The Foxes kicked off and Sarah Wheelhouse put a clever kick into the corner putting the opposition under pressure and they knocked on. The Foxes should have scored but the ball was held up. The Foxes were camped in Southold's half with attack after attack but poor conditions slowed the game down and Southwold were able to get back and cover. Hazel Bridges making precious ground and taking contact to recycle to the backs. The Foxes playing well but just could not break the solid Southwold defence. Southwold scored a try against the play just before half time. 0-5

In the Second half Southwold had gained confidence and the game was more even.
The opposition attacked but also made errors, which the Foxes did not capitalize on. The Foxes knew the game still could be won so carried on with spirit and determination. Kerry Holl returning to the Foxes having a great game at 9.
Captain Mandy Warren pound of the team's performance but disappointed that the game was not won in the first half. Final Score 0-5